Start the way you intend to continue. Optimise for ongoing performance.

Migrate faster, resolve issues sooner, and ensure the complete success of your cloud adoption initiative.

Operata continuously monitors every second of every call, capturing performance data throughout the entire end-to-end communication chain.
From the desk-top, Agent feedback is gathered in real-time, automatically capturing relevant environmental data, call performance and softphone logs. Performance testing tools load the environment with real calls to ensure production workloads can be supported.
Combining this monitoring and assurance data, Operata provides insights to optimise the environment and deliver the best Amazon Connect customer experience - for every call.


Transform at pace

  • Get the best possible customer and agent experience from the start.
  • Receive quantitative and qualitative feedback across your team.
  • Optimize your setup for quality and efficiency.

Launch with confidence

  • Capture voice quality data at every step in the chain. 
  • Access baselines, assess cloud geographies - compare your design.
  • Performance test your environment with real calls.

Manage ongoing costs

  • Reduce Agent call times and improve Bot fulfillment success rates.
  • Reduce the chargeable minutes of your cloud contact center.
  • Reduce management and service issue costs.





Better together.
Accelerate your Amazon Connect rollout with Operata.

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Learn how to accelerate adoption and optimize your cloud contact center for the best voice quality, agent and customer experience.





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Better Together

Operata gives IT teams and Contact Center managers the tools they need to deliver the best possible customer experience. 

Boost Agent Productivity

Boost Agent Productivity

Capture agent feedback and suggest fixes in real-time. Fewer issues, happier agents and better CX. 
Faster MTTR

Faster Mean Time To Resolve

Correlate data sources to gain insights, identify issues, determine root causes and resolve them quickly.
Control Service Quality

Control Service Quality

Independently measure performance SLA’s for contact centers, agents, BPO, MSP, partners & carriers you rely on.
Speed Time To Value

Speed Time-to-Value

Gain insights to confidently transform Amazon Connect, underlying systems, third parties or end-user devices.
Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Reduce call times, focus investment in the right areas, optimize spend and measure what matters.
Optimize Your AI Investment

Optimize Your AI Investment

Deliver the audio quality required to get the most from transcription, sentiment analysis, agent assistants & more.

Rachael Southon

"Operata should be a given for every cloud contact center implementation."

Rachael Southon, Technology & Delivery, Trustpower